Engage Kids After School With A Healthy Snack Menu!

When your kids get home from school, why not surprise them with a fun after school snack menu? This is an easy way to make healthy eating fun! 

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with playing restaurant, creating menus, and preparing food for others. (I should have known back then that I was destined to go to culinary school!) Because of that, I decided to create "After School Gourmet" which was the name I scrawled at the top of the hand-written tri-fold printer paper menu that I created for my younger brother for when he got home from school. The menu always consisted of 3 or 4 snack options that he could order from, and I would then prepare the snack and deliver it to him at the table. To this day, my brother and I still reminisce fondly about After School Gourmet. 

Now that I am a registered dietitian who has worked with many parents with children who are picky eaters, I realize that my silly after school menu idea from when I was a kid is actually a fun and simple way to engage children in making healthy food choices! I've created a sample menu that you can use, or you could make a tri-fold printer paper hand written one as well...(if it was good enough for After School Gourmet...)

Either way, your kids will love the opportunity to order a healthy snack off of a personalized menu! 

Happy Snacking!

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