Diana Marlin, RD, LDN

Diana Marlin, RD, LDN

About Nourishmnt

My promise to my current and future clients: In my office, you will always be respected and heard. I will meet you where you are on your wellness journey, and I will never make assumptions about what you do and don’t know. You will be treated as the expert of your life that you are, and I will take the time to understand your goals and how I may be able to provide guidance and support. You won’t receive a lecture, a list of foods to avoid, or a pre-printed handout of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Instead, let’s chat about the foods you love, the concerns you have, how to gently nourish your body, how to ditch dieting, and how to find peace around food. Come as you are, and together, we can put a realistic plan in place to support you through a transition to a healthier way of life!

Fun Fact: the ‘mnt’ in nourishmnt stands for medical nutrition therapy!

Nourishmnt, LLC is a Philadelphia-based nutrition counseling and wellness company with the mission to help people to ditch dieting for good and achieve their wellness goals through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Diana Marlin is a registered dietitian with a serious passion for counseling, food, and joyful self care.

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