This Is The Best Way To Eat...

With so many conflicting nutrition studies and articles out there, it's almost like there's more than one "right" way to eat. 😉 ⠀

As a dietitian, I know that each of my clients have unique needs, schedules, preferences, avoidances, activity levels, and medical histories, so each of them have a different "right" way to eat.⠀

A big part of studying to become a dietitian involves completing {countless} case studies. Each case study described a unique person with a unique health history and lifestyle, and we had to provide interventions that would work best for THAT client. ⠀

While the media would love to pinpoint that ONE diet that would be the answer to every case study out there, we dietitians know that there will never be one right answer for every case study, patient, client, or individual. ⠀
It's our job to work WITH the client to find what works FOR them, makes sense TO them, and then find strategies to help them to implement it and stick to it. ⠀

I urge you to tune out the noise, tune into your body, and find the way to eat that works best for YOU! If you aren't sure where to start with that, a dietitian can help! 😊

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Diana Marlin