Meal plan by dept.png

Meal Idea Planning Chart

This meal idea chart was designed to help you to quickly and easily plan your meals and make your grocery shopping list for each week. Here's how to fill it out 

1. Plan your meals for the week in the top of the chart

2. As you write each meal at the top, write in the corresponding groceries that you'll need to make the meal. The list is organized into grocery store departments, which makes shopping a breeze. 

A+ After School Menu Ideas.png

After School Menu for Kids

When your kids get home from school, why not surprise them with a fun after school snack menu? This is an easy way to make healthy eating fun!


Kitchen Checklist

There are a LOT of kitchen gadgets on the market. Feeling overwhelmed over what you need to get cooking? Take a look at this checklist to see what tools we recommend you have to make cooking easier!

food log.PNG

Food/Symptoms Log

When you have digestive issues, keeping a log can be helpful. In this log, you can track what and when you eat, and how various foods affect your digestive system. This can be a helpful tool to then bring to a doctor or dietitian to discuss a plan for your diet moving forward.