A Fresh Approach to Eating Well

Everybody is different, so we offer both
in person nutrition counseling and online wellness courses to meet your needs!

Face to Face Nutrition Counseling

Let's meet face-to face, plan your meals for the week, and set goals to keep you on track. With mid-week check-ins through a secure and easy to use app, we will stay in touch, keeping you accountable for your own success! This is highly personalized nutrition counseling to help you to make healthy happen. 

10 Week Lifestyle Transformation Program

Eating well and losing weight aren't about dieting, but about shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Not sure where to start with that? Our lifestyle transformation package is a 10 week course with personalized wellness coaching that will allow you to change the way you view how you eat, move, sleep, and manage stress. This is a holistic approach to living better and ditching dieting for good.