Nourishmnt for Couples Course

Welcome! Whether you are preparing for a big life event, or just looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle together, this online course is built for couples who are looking to partner up to make living well their way of life!

This program includes:

  • 4 weeks of course materials with a different focus topic each week
  • Weekly phone calls (4 calls total)
  • Support and guidance through the Healthie app!

Getting Started is Simple!


Step 1: Purchase the package with the button below!

The total cost of this course is $198.00. This is the cost per couple, not the cost per individual!

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Step 2: Make sure you both get set up in Healthie!

Whichever one of you purchases the package will automatically be added as a client in the Healthie app. For the partner who did not go in to purchase the package, you can create your own Healthie account by following the link below and using the invite code : 4fc6e2

Once you create your accounts, you will be prompted to fill out questionnaires to get started!

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Step 3: Select your desired start date.

On your start date, you will receive a link and password to week one materials for the course! 

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Questions? Email me at diana.marlin@nourishmnt or give me a call at 267-438-6016. I can't wait to get started!